OptexOPTEX is a premier manufacturer of infrared temperature sensors. OPTEX IR temperature sensors are manufactured in Japan and are of the highest quality. Drysdale & Associates, Inc (DAI) is a factory authorized distributor for Optex IR sensors. All of the products shown are stocked in our Cincinnati distribution center and are available for immediate shipment. Drysdale & Associates, Inc also provides service, support and calibration. The Optex Thermo-Hunter ® family of Infrared Temperature Sensors consists of the following products:

Thermo-Hunter ® BA- Compact Series…  featuring:
Temperature range of 0 – 500C  (32-932F)
Coaxial laser spot indicator
Linear 4-20mA output
Built-in digital display
And adjustable emissivity with the Thermo-Hunter’s e-TEACH function
simplifies emissivity adjustment.
Requires 12-24VDC power

  • Model BA-30TA   standard focus  (30mm spot at 1000mm)    $995.
  • Model BA-06TA   close focus   (6mm spot at 200mm)               $995.

Thermo-Hunter ® BS- Remote Series…  featuring:
all of the features of the BA- series shown above… PLUS:
The sensor head is separate and connected to the signal processor by a
2 meter cable.   The price includes the BS-A signal processor and standard cable.
Note: an optional extension cable is available.

  • Model BS-30T  standard focus (30mm spot at 750mm)         $1,295.
  • Model BS-05T close focus (5mm spot at 200mm)                   $1,295.
  • Model BS-02T ultra close focus (2mm spot at 100mm)          $1,695.

Thermo-Hunter ® SA- Ultra low cost IR temperature sensor

  • Model SA-80T-2A  range 0-200C (32-392F), 4-20mA, spot size 80mm at 500mm and priced at $399.
  • Model SA-80T-4A range 0-400C (32-752F), 4-20mA, spot size 80mm at 500mm and priced at $399.

Thermo-Hunter ® PT- Thermo Hunter ultra compact and hand held portable. Both models feature a temperature range of -30 to 600C (-22 to 1112F) and coaxial laser

  • Model PT-S80 standard focus 30mm spot at 1000mm    $395.
  • Model PT-U80 features data logging of up to 35 readings with USB interface to your PC.            Price only $495.

Drysdale & Associates, Inc would be happy to assist you in selecting the proper instrument for your application. Our applications specialist is certified by the American Society of Nondestructive Testing in infrared and thermal test measurements. We can provide an instrument for you to test drive in your application. Please contact us for personal assistance.