Drysdale & Associates, Inc has a perpetual supply of equipment that has been used for customer demonstrations and evaluations. This equipment is available for rental and/or purchase at a nice discount for folks who are interested in saving some money. However, since everything listed here is technically used equipment, there is no factory warranty; the equipment is offered “as-is.” We offer a 30 day money back guarantee (less shipping) to ensure that the items meet your expectations.

Acromag Modbus RTU Model 913MB-0900  $149.00  new

Acromag Modbus RTU Model 914MB-0900 $149.00  new

Acromag Modbus RTU Model 924MB-0900 $149.00  new

Acromag IntelliPack Model 811T-0500 $149.00 new

Acromag IntelliPack Model 801T-1500 Transmitter/alarm $149.00 rep demo

Acromag IntelliPack Model 801T-1500 Transmitter/alarm  $149.00 rep demo

Bitflow Run-PCI-12 R12-1.71-6623 board $100. new

Call 513 831-9625 for info on any of these items.